PLUM Crystal Candle

PLUM Crystal Candle

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Miss Adventurous loves what most guys love. Plum is the sporty one, and she will be overjoyed to be having a date which consists of hiking or camping, or fishing or doing something new. She doesn’t really care about how she dresses, and she doesn’t have any problem in getting her hands dirty. She might have more male than females friends, because face it, most girls do not like what she likes to do. She likes to travel, and she watches science fiction movies and thinks that they are cool.

This type of girl is a lot of fun to be with, and she can jump in to guys’ conversations rather easily.

Her parents call her Plumy Girl. She brings the sweetness of life to the family.

Pros: She is the coolest thing on earth. Odds are Plum is a gamer, or at least has some knowledge in games. She enjoys football games, and she doesn’t mind of having a KFC dinner insted of eating out at those fine-dining restaurants. *tailgate down* -  She doesn’t spend much time in front of the mirror, and she will not leave you waiting for another 30 minutes just to change her clothes for the 10th time.

Cons: You would love her to cook dinner for you, but sometimes she just doesn’t bother to do so. She has many male friends, and that might make you jealous – after all, she has similar interests with other boys more than with other girls. She knows how to change a tire and that makes you feel a certain way because you don't. She is quite hard to please with the romantic ways, making you need to bring your deepest creativity in order to wow her.

She is strong and she likes it that way.



Top: Citrus Peach, Bergamot
Middle: Lavender
Base: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Powder, Cedar

Burn Time 65+ Hours 


** Flower color, flower type and flower placement will differ. These are one of a kind pieces of art **