Meet The Crafter

SELALUZ Philosophy

Be The Light.

Unique & Rare Aromas

I take pride in sourcing rare and memorable scents.  My collections are uniquely distinguished and exotically crafted, yielding an eco-friendly 65+ hour burn time.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

My candles have been mindfully sourced using 100% natural waxes. Most products and packaging are bought within the USA. I always use lead & zinc free hemp wicks with phthalate-free fragrances. Infused with natural oils, each candle is individually hand-poured and made with re-usable products. The tag could be used as a bookmark, the metal logo is a pin, and you can re-melt the extra wax into new candles or wax tarts. We try our best to make the candle as zero-waste as possible.  

Energy & Mood Shifting

I believe in the power of candles to subtly shift our environments, thereby shifting consciousness. My art is an invitation to create soft atmospheric environments that promote peace, sensuality, & deep relaxation. I invite you to get lost in the sultry, intoxicating and exotically rich aromas. Cast spells of love, protection and bliss. Find the divine in the simple. From my hearts to yours, I sacredly pour these high intentions in to each of our candles. I pray over them and play them the most beautiful music.


Be The Light,

Chandler Daniele Hall